We Had It All Wrong by Earle G. Hall

Dearest teenagers and young adults…

Please stop right now and breathe.

Don’t wait to be 30, have your own children and a mortgage to finally say, “OK… I’m ready to choose me and chase my dreams!”

You see, we adults had it all wrong and I am guilty as charged with a life sentence of guilt because I did it like everyone else did.

Here is how we messed up…

We told you to be quiet, to behave and act like the others. We told you to fit in and to be nice. We told you that you had to adapt and to find a way to get along and be nice to everyone in order to just please them. We taught you about conditional love. If you do this, you will receive that. Be this and you will get that.

We messed up pretty badly as we created what we are today… a society of people where many do not truly love themselves and spend their whole lives trying to find the golden key that will unlock their hearts in order to love and finally choose themselves.

Many people sweep their dreams under the rug and if they are lucky enough to make it to retirement and realize what’s really important in life, they just may end up doing what they love. The rest will simply get sick and, well… die. Sounds morbid right? Well it is.

You see, this is the message you were supposed to get when you landed on this planet:

“Dear new Earthling, your mission on this planet is to choose you. Your mission is to love you. Your mission is to listen to your heart and make heart-based decisions based on what makes you truly happy.”

Why would this be important?

Well, we created a society filled with energetic debt. We act nice to people and we do nice things and sometimes we pretend to be someone we aren’t because we are afraid that they won’t like us… And once they do like us, THEN we learn to accept and like ourselves as well. We seek external gratification and acceptance in order to fill the void inside because we were never taught to simply love ourselves JUST BECAUSE, and just the way we are.

It’s not too late for you.

You are at the tipping point in your life when you get the keys to your own kingdom and become master of your own destiny. Put your hands on your chest and learn to feel your heart. It is always whispering to you. It will tell you what makes you happy and how you can serve this world which will ultimately make you happier. Allow your truth to flow through you and not around you.

Get out there and learn about yourself. Learn about what it is to be human and about your own “inner technology” so you can see how fast and how hard you can run it. We, as humans, have our own present day manufacturing defaults. For example, if you do not learn about conscious breathing, there’s a chance you could have trouble with your temper or with those around you as others can easily tip us off-balance.

Conscious breathing neutralizes the animal instincts that are left over from the caveman (and cavewoman) era.

You can do this by finding a happy and peaceful place where you are alone, without all of the over stimulation of social media, music, and everything else we have bombarding us today, and take the time to just sit and breathe.

We are hardwired from our pasts to run from threats and to hunt for survival. That, along with a few other leftover reflexes, keep our lower brain in a constant state of alertness which is toxic for our daily living. It cuts off proper breathing and increases our stress levels. More importantly, it cuts the link between your intuition and inspiration. You are left with making decisions based on the information that comes directly from your instincts instead of your rational brain (and heart), which can be pretty dangerous.

Please understand that how we raised you is how we were raised and how hundreds of generations were raised before us. We didn’t know any better, but we do now.

Why am I telling you this?


It is your turn to get out there and create your dream, your contribution, and your mission in the world. And to do so successfully, you have to love yourself. Listen to your heart. Learn how to breathe and just be you. Now one else can.

Good luck! We are all rooting for you.

-Earle, an adult (and Dad) who is finally seeing the light.

Earl G. HallAbout the Author: Earle G. Hall is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, visionary and innovator in several different fields of technology. Although he is a Hi-tech CEO, geek, tech-head, innovator and entrepreneur, his tech life is being overshadowed by his deep-rooted passion for human behavior and sustainable happiness to find life purpose. He is an emerging writer and speaker on human behavior and his leadership, innovation and high tech research and entrepreneurial success have focused on human performance. His recent public speaking engagements such as Wanderlust and TEDx have offered tremendous insight on very applicable ways to achieve sustainable happiness and to find life purpose.

Earle is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, holds a Master’s Degree from the National Academy of Public Administration and is currently pursuing his PhD. in Organizational Psychology. His expertise and experience in high tech, science and human behavior are expressed through his numerous organizational restructuring and growth projects as well as his entrepreneur coaching and mentoring practice, teaching and lecturing. Earle has built commercialization channels in more than 30 countries and is well recognized for his international commercialization expertise.

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