How to Release Physical or Emotional Pain by Dr. Kim D’Eramo (Video)

One of the greatest things that allows our body to be in discord, creates imbalance, disease, amplifies pain is the ways we’re not really present for our-self. We spend most of our lives trying to “fix the pain,” or prevent what we fear, instead of feeling it fully and allowing ourselves to just experience it!

If you’ve been suffering with mental or emotional pain, try this mind-body tool discussed in the video below.

About the Speaker/Author: Dr. Kim D’ERAMO is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a physician, speaker, #1 bestselling author of “The MindBody Tool Kit,” and founder of The American Institute of MindBody Medicine. She is board-certified in Emergency Medicine, and attended residency at Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. D’Eramo conducts online group training programs and speaks internationally to doctors, medical students, and the general public to teach self-healing tools. Read More…

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