Mental Resilience Requires Mental Exercise by Steely Springham

Don’t be fooled into thinking that those who appear to be ‘mentally tough’ were simply born with this innate quality. It is a choice, as well as a discipline.

Mental toughness comes through the tests that life brings us. Life tests us all. Some ways in which it does may be through toxic relationships or friends, challenging colleagues or circumstances, hardships in both personal or professional situations. One can brood in the negativity of it, which takes some energy, or one can direct that energy toward a positive way to view it, handle it, overcome it, and be strengthened by it.

No matter what it may be, no matter how dismal it may appear to be on the surface, I encourage you to go beyond what you see on the surface. By deciding to dig deeper and change perspective on any given circumstance you can find a different way to view it. Its easy to take everything at face value and remain in that place with the situation or person.

What takes time and energy, thought and effort, is seeing past what is right before your eyes and digging deeper to discover a greater purpose, meaning and find the solutions. It is this mental training that results in not only wisdom, but mental toughness and emotional strength.

Breaking the mold in your approach to things and circumstances in life requires guts and grit and a true desire to overcome whatever it is and get over to the other side of it and get on with life.

Tolerating and embracing negative circumstances and then turning them around into something productive leads you to the growth of your emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a rock solid cornerstone in developing your mental toughness.
This leads to confidence building within you to be able to handle whatever comes your way and to always live a life of ‘ease’ in spite of what may be going on around you. YES it’s possible to do that because it is a choice.

When you are calmly and confidently approaching whatever life throws at you, with the intention to solve the problem by focusing on solution instead of wallowing in the problem, you are able to remain calmer than most in the midst of it. This calm, inner peace allows for an ease with which to not only embrace the change that may be forced upon or that you may have to choose to make happen. But it also opens you up to receive solutions that may be right in front of you if you would focus on overcoming instead of remain drowning in the problem.

All of these choices help to diffuse and minimize fear which can be paralyzing, but it doesn’t have to be. I tell my clients to “be the willow tree and bend in the wind” for when you embrace change it opens the mind and allows for you to capitalize on the hidden opportunities which further build mental toughness, emotional intelligence and broaden your perspective on all things.

Mental toughness and a broadened perspective increase the confidence and joy you feel in your life as well as the skills to handle anything that comes your way in life.

SteelySpringhamTheTeenMentorAbout the Author: Steely SPRINGHAM is one of Your Monthly Mentors, ‘Perspective Whisperer’ & Confidence Coach, defied the odds and stepped onto her first competitive stage in the world of Figure & Fitness in 2011, at the age of 42. In 5 short years, Steely earned National level status & won the coveted BC Provincial Champion Overall Masters Figure Title in 2015. This former Top-10 recording artist turned her passion for fitness into her present day career. She is currently a Certified Behaviour Change Specialist, an ACE certified personal trainer, a Confidence Coach, specializing in competition posing, mental preparation for athletes in her sport and in public speaking and confidence coaching for 8-12 year olds.  Learn More… 

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