Relieving Your Anxiety in 3 Easy Steps by Amber Seater

As a teenager, you may become anxious from time to time. If you are someone that does not have anxiety on a regular basis, you may become overwhelmed when anxiety does occur.

Here are 3 steps you can take to gain relief.

1. Notice your feet. This may sound silly, but most people experience anxiety when they are worried about future events. One way to come back to the present moment is to notice your feet. Your feet will likely be in shoes, so begin by placing both feet flat on the ground. Then, notice how your feet feel in your shoes. You may become aware that your shoes are uncomfortable or that they’re very comfortable. Keep your feet flat on the ground for a minute as your bring awareness to your feet.

2. Notice your breath. Our breath is one of the most important functions our bodies do on a daily basis. Yet we are completely unaware of how we are breathing on a regular basis. If you are feeling anxious, you may notice that your breath is going into your chest. You may also notice that your chest feels heavy or constricted. Focus on breathing in through your nose and releasing the breath through your mouth. Do this 5 times.

3. Rest Your Head. Your anxiety may be due to an overactive 3rd eye. The 3rd eye, which is the 6th chakra, or energy center of the body, is involved with intuition or seeing into the future. If one becomes preoccupied with what is going to happen next in an obsessive way, this may lead to an overactive third eye. If you are sitting at a desk, you will place your palms one on top of the other, with your elbows out. You will then rest your forehead on the back of your hands. Continue to breath and notice your feet as your eyes are closed and you are resting your head on your hands. Do this for one minute.

If you are at home, you can practice child’s pose, a resting yoga pose.

Remember, anxiety happens to everyone from time to time. It does not have to be debilitating or cause suffering. Your brain and body just need a moment to rest.

Take the time to do so.

amber-seater-the-teen-mentorAbout the Author: Amber R. SEATER is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Professional Counselor serving teens in Missouri and Kansas, USA. Ms. Seater has a passion for helping teens, especially teen girls, become empowered. She acknowledges the impact that society, especially social media, has on young women’s body image and dreams/goals for the future and she utilizes different therapeutic techniques that involve the mind, body and spirit. This includes yoga, meditation, hiking, art, sand tray, and discussions about nutrition. Read more…

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Cover Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash.