The Hardest Thing To Do In Intimacy by Derek Hart

The hardest thing to do in intimacy is take a risk to succinctly share the thing that you need most..

And then…




Do nothing.

See if you’re met.

Manage your anxiety while waiting.

The alternative is to convince, threaten, manipulate, punish and debate your partner. If you do this, you are forever bound to the problem, to not knowing who you are in relation to the other.

And then you have to start all over.

Intimacy involves doing an incredible amount of silence and observation.

Another person must earn your love, your risking, your courage, your truth, and your vulnerability.

And you must determine if you’ve been truly vulnerable… or if you’ve criticized.

TheTeenMentorDerekHartAbout the Author: Derek HART is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a Relationship Coach, Speaker, Writer, and the founder of based in San Anselmo, California. He has been counseling people since 1990, with over 27,000 hours in experience. The unique experience he brings to his counseling practice is based upon years of doing his own deep inner work. A student and teacher of the human journey, Derek has continually studied the great works of the top psychology and spiritual masters of our time. Read More… 

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