Why You’re Not Manifesting What You Want by Dr. Kim D’Eramo

When you try to make things happen in your life and are holding certain expectations or outcomes in mind, you are in a space that is conditional. You might get what you want… you might not. Holding expectations creates resistance that prevents you from aligning with the Joy, Freedom, and Vitality that you’re trying to create, so you block health and other things you want from coming easily.

Here’s what to do instead: When you release attachment, you can truly embrace exactly WHAT IS with no expectations or judgments. Only then will you will open yourself up to healing.

This is the KEY to what has allowed my clients to release patterns of illness, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and pain. This is also the key that allows us to receive harmony in our relationships, work, and life!

Watch the video below and then try it out for yourself! If you have any questions or comments, please click HERE.

About the Speaker/Author: Dr. Kim D’ERAMO is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a physician, speaker, #1 bestselling author of “The MindBody Tool Kit,” and founder of The American Institute of MindBody Medicine. She is board-certified in Emergency Medicine, and attended residency at Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. D’Eramo conducts online group training programs and speaks internationally to doctors, medical students, and the general public to teach self-healing tools. Read More…

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