How to Create Results Instead of Excuses by Carol Talbot

Hands up if you enjoy a good moan, groan, grumble and complain!

It appears in life that you always get one of two things, either you get the results you want, or you get reasons or excuses for not getting the results you want.

Excuses and reasons include ‘I didn’t get on the football team because I missed a session,’ or ‘I’m not popular,’ or ‘I don’t have enough money to do anything to change my situation.’ or ‘This is just the way I am.’

Do any of these sound familiar?

So in life you either get what you want, or you get reasons and excuses for not getting what you want. The problem is, most people actually believe that their excuses are true! It’s time to change your story, reclaim back your personal power and create a different ripple effect into your world.

Here’s one way you can challenge some of your reasons and excuses for not having your life the way you want it:

Excuse: ‘Bad things keep happening to me, I’m just unlucky and there’s nothing I can do about that!’

How to change it: ‘Cause and Effect’ appears to be a law of the universe and says that whenever something happens it was caused by something else happening before it. So do you choose to think of yourself as being on the Cause side of the equation or on the Effect side? As a Cause person are you taking responsibility for your actions or are you an Effect?… a victim of circumstance? Check out my previous article, Are You The Cause For All The Effects in Your Life? By Carol Talbot .

Ultimately, you are the creator of your universe. You are the cause for all the effects in your life. Start to take responsibility for your actions.

If you’re not in a position or job you enjoy, ask yourself how have you created that situation? If you’re not happy in your relationship, ask yourself what YOU can do to change that.

Once you realize you’re creating your life as you go along, it gives you the power to change. You can choose to pay attention to different things, interpret experiences differently, feel differently and act differently.

carol_the_teen_mentor2About the Author: Carol TALBOT is one of Your Monthly Mentors and considered an inspiration in the inspiration business.  She is sought-after by organisations and individuals seeking a learning consultant, thought-partner, and keynote speaker ‘with a difference’. For more than two decades, she has stepped out to help fire out creativity and greatness within individuals and teams worldwide, by engaging them with her wise words and compelling delivery; one-on-one or to an audience of 1000’s, when Carol speaks, people listen. Read More…

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