Wearing The Inside Out: Get In Alignment by Joshua Garrin

Don’t look for the solution, look for the alignment. It will bring the solution.” ~ Abraham Hicks

Some of us may feel as though we were born unto this earth to become a [person who works in a desired profession]. However, and against our better judgment, we instead chose to become a [person who works in a less-than-desirable profession]. Despite a little voice inside of us that may have whispered (screamed?) “Don’t do it!”, we went on to obtain degrees and certifications in that less-than-desirable field. And after many years of studying to become something we’re not, we reluctantly began a mundane career that perhaps provided us with some financial reward, but yielded zero other reward. Spiritually unfulfilled, we now stare listlessly out of our workspace window, dreaming of ‘what could have been’ had we followed our true calling in life.

Of course, a lifetime of woulda coulda shoulda is a haunting reminder that alignment is more than just knowing what we want  it’s about heeding our inner voice when it reminds us of who we are.

Like a steering wheel that guides the direction of our journey, alignment is the straight path between what we think, what we feel, and what we do. We know that we’re in alignment when the choices we make feel authentic, whole, and yeah!not irrelevant, incomplete, and blah. In fact, good alignment doesn’t happen in an instant, but through our continued commitment to traveling our true path: the one that steers us away from becoming a second-rate version of someone else and toward a first-rate version of ourselves.

When our pursuits feel authentic (e.g., I favor outdoor hiking over a treadmill walk, any day), purposeful (e.g., contact with nature is good for my body, mind, and soul), and transparent (e.g., I am an introvert who can’t stand the way-too-social gym setting), alignment is what keeps us in flowan optimal state of performance in which our intentions and our actions ring out in perfect harmony. And as we change, so, too, does our sense of alignment: When our stale, boring patterns and routines begin to inhibit our flow, it’s time to say goodbye to sameness, say hello to newness, and do the stuff that makes us feel alive.

Like a self-guided steering wheel, alignment is the subconscious force that brings us back to center when we lose sight of our authentic self. When we program our inner GPS with things like meaning, purpose, and truth, our efforts feel effortless, our purpose feels pure, and the journey becomes the reward. In fact, the journey feels a lot smoother when what we think and feel on the inside matches what we do on the outside. Because on the road trip of our lives, there’s no use in hiding from the truth. Eventually, our heart will find us. It always does…

Joshua Garrin.jpgAbout the Author: Joshua GARRIN is one of Your Monthly Mentors. He holds a Ph.D. in health psychology, an M.S. in cognitive psychology, and a B.S. in general psychology and journalism. He currently resides in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Following the completion of his doctorate in 2014, Joshua was the recipient of Walden University’s Harold L. Hodgkinson Award for Outstanding Dissertation Research for his inquiry on health beliefs, outcome expectancies, and stress appraisal in college seniors. Read More… 

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