The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes: Interview with Jay Shetty


When I was growing up I always knew I wanted to be a professional athlete. Like many people, and probably you as well, my life changed in a very unexpected way.

There is no way any of us can know where our life will go, and today’s guest took his life in a very different direction.

Jay Shetty grew up thinking he would he an art director and loved design. As a teenager he was a troublemaker. He never would have thought his life of drugs and stealing cars would turn into the life of a monk.

He made it to college and did well, but as soon as he graduated, he decided to go to India to spend three years studying how to find inner peace with monks.

“When you feel safe, that’s when you’re most vulnerable.” – Jay Shetty
After three years Jay was asked to leave the monk hood. He was told he could do more good sharing to the world than staying in the monastery.

Heartbroken, Jay left and eventually found the power of YouTube. He has gained amazing international success sharing the lessons he’s learned from his time as a monk teaching ancient wisdom on modern platforms.

You will be surprised at how much of these lessons don’t just apply to life but also to business.

He’s mastered the power of video marketing and storytelling and on this episode, he shared his insights on how to create powerful impact with media. We discussed the lessons he learned from spending time as a monk, what motivates people to take action, and how to find your purpose in the world.

Discover all of that and much more, on Episode 608.

“Our brain is happier in service.” – Jay Shetty

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Why did you decide you wanted to be a monk in the first place? (7:34)
  • How many summers did you spend with them before you decided to join? (14:54)
  • How would you commute? (21:27)
  • Doesn’t personal growth also come from experiencing life? (25:32)
  • Why are we wired for service? (32:42)
  • Are there any weeds in your life right now? (40:06)
  • What was the conversation like when your mentor said you had to leave? (43:24)
  • When did you realize your videos started to take off? (55:28)
  • Do you think every brand should be using video? (1:01:26)
  • What’s the thing that makes someone want to share and leave a comment? (1:05:23)
  • What’s something most people don’t know about you that you’re really proud of? (1:10:15)
  • Is there anything you do during your day that you’re not proud of? (1:13:57)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why he fell in love with being a monk (13:46)
  • What a typical day as a monk is like (16:14)
  • How a monk detaches themselves from having a sex life (24:00)
  • What he noticed the most about the outside world (27:54)
  • The greatest lessons he learned being a monk (37:58)
  • The thing he wants to create the most (41:40)
  • When he realized he wanted to start creating videos (48:22)
  • What people don’t understand about using videos for their business (58:34)
  • How his wife went from student to master (1:12:26)
  • Plus much more…

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