How to Have The Best Day Ever by Singer-Songwriter Abby Stephens

Hi guys and gal’s!! My name is Abby Stephens. I’m a 15-year-old singer/songwriter who’s been performing in Nashville for the past 3 years. I aspire to make everyday the best day ever and wanted to share some ideas on how you can too!

Here’s my top 10 tips to have the best day ever!

  1. Find something that makes you happy. Whether it’s sports, music, entertainment, school, etc. For me, it would be music.
  2. Take the things your passionate about and work it into your daily routine.
  3. I listen to music every-day for motivation, so I recommend you make your own playlist, something that can change your bad days into good ones.
  4. Make sure you treat yourself to some of your favorite foods!!
  5. Be present and appreciate the little things.
  6. Hang out with people that make you happy! Find your squad!
  7. Plan ahead so you’re not stressed. There’s no need to be overwhelmed with things other than your main priorities.
  8. Focus on the positive things in life and not the negatives! A positive attitude can turn your day around completely!
  9. Take time for yourself, even if it’s just a minute sitting in the sun or taking a deep breath.
  10. Now that you have nine ways to have the best day ever, the last step is to go out and help others! Open the door for someone or give them a compliment.

You never know, you could make it their best day ever!

You can check out my song “Best Day Ever” and the music video below or here on Youtube. You can also visit my website here.

About Abby Stephens: Abby discovered her love for music at age 7 when she began voice & piano lessons. Her music teacher encouraged her to audition for Clayton Idol Jr, a local singing competition. This was her first time singing for an audience and competing. She will tell you when the lights hit her, it was the best feeling ever. Winning Clayton idol propelled Abby to continue to learn music through piano & guitar. She soon discovered she enjoyed putting her thoughts to music. Abby was honored to win the Carolina Music
Award for 2016 Youth Music Video of the year for her original song “Best Day Ever”.

Abby has been featured on the Bobby Bones Show, local radio stations, and has
opened for artists such as Jana Kramer, Lauren Alaina, Mickey Guyton, Clare Dunn, &
CAM. She has also sung on stage with Kelsea Ballerini during a Raging Idiots show &
again at the ACM’s festival. Abby currently travels regularly to Nashville,Tennessee to
write, record & perform.

Abby identifies with country music as that is what she was raised on & she currently
lives on a 14-acre property where she loves to fish & ride 4-wheelers. She enjoys all
genres of music and says she feels there is music playing in her head at all times.
Abby recently started a charity named “Best Day Ever Foundation” to serve as a
hyper-local, small make a wish. In hopes of providing kids exciting experiences & giving
them the Best Day Ever!

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