Fear Is a Part of Life by Thom Rutledge

Learn how to stop hiding from your fears and start allowing them guide you.

Life cannot be lived, at least not lived fully, without experiencing fear.

Fear is not an obstacle standing between you and the life you want to live. Fear is an integral part of that life.

Fear is to be faced, not avoided.

Stop ducking your fears. Stop running. Stop hiding.

Pay attention. Listen.

Fear is a teacher, not the enemy.

You cannot bar the door. Fear is already on this side of the door with you.

Instead, ask, “What can I learn from this fear?” And “How can I use this fear to become a better person?”

Greet your fears rather than hide from them.

Interview them rather than ignore them.

Talk with you fears. Listen to your fears. Challenge your fears.

Never let fear have the last word.

Fear, if you let it, will remind you of what is most important.

Some fears are wisdom. Some are saboteurs.

Be guided by the wisdom. Stand up to the saboteurs.

Live a life that is instructed by, but never controlled by, fear.

Who we are, individually and collectively is ultimately determined by one thing: how we relate to fear.

Fear is part of life.


thom rutledge LCSW the teen mentorAbout the Author: Thom RUTLEDGE is one of Your Monthly Mentors, a psychotherapist & author of several books, including Embracing Fear: How to Turn What Scares Us into Our Greatest Gift. His website is located at www.thomrutledge.com. Thom blends his personal recovery from depression, addiction and excessive self-criticism with 30 years of professional experience to guide his clients, readers, and audiences from self-judgment and perfectionism toward genuine self-compassion. Thom’s trademark sense of humor, a down-to-earth practicality, and his own compassion are the common threads that run throughout his unique brand of self-help psychology. (INTRApersonal Therapy). Read More…

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