Don’t Let Negative Events Keep You From Achieving Your Dreams by Jeffery Combs

Ever since I was a young boy, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to own my own businesses. I had big dreams and I wanted to move to California. I wanted to see the world. But most of all, I wanted to enjoy the “Good Life.”

What I didn’t know is that events that had happened to me growing up would have a huge impact on my late teens and 20’s. I spent 14 years of my life being emotionally and physically addicted. I wrestled with alcoholism and multiple drug addictions. Unfortunately, I had to hit rock bottom to wake up and get back to living the life I had dreamed of. It took me until I was 31 years old to really mature and get back to pursuing my goals and dreams.

To overcome my addictions, I had to understand why I became an addict. I was a top student and a talented athlete. Both my parents were teachers. I was a good kid. But there were events that happened as I was growing up which created a lot of anger. It built up and I escaped into drugs and alcohol once I graduated from high school. I spent 14 years of my life wrestling with my addictions.

I finally got the wake up call I required after almost dying from my alcoholism. I made a commitment to myself to change my life. Because of my commitment to letting go of the past and understanding my addictions, I was able to get back on track and make my dreams come true.

Today, I am a top tier coach, speaker, author and business owner. I receive great satisfaction from being able to inspire my clients and assist them to break through what holds them back from being the person they deserve to be.

Here’s my advice.

It’s a big world and there are so many opportunities out there for you. Find something that really inspires you. If it’s music, sports, entertainment or whatever it is… find something that fits you personally. Let go of being overwhelmed and learn to be and stay focused.

When you find a vocation that inspires you, practice the simple discipline of it. Develop the skills, habits and mindset to be successful. Whether it’s a job, a career, college, or a business… start to find your niche.

So many people tiptoe quietly through life and end up living in regret. Don’t let that be you. You are right at the beginning of your youth. So don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Do your best to develop your maturity at the same time. With all the temptations and all the opportunities out there, it’s easy to get side tracked on drugs, alcohol and all the other situations that lead to some of the worst decisions you can make. You want to learn to make sound and clear decisions.

Every day is a gift of 86,400 seconds. 1,440 minutes.

Live each day to the fullest.

Stay focused and never stop dreaming!

jefferyphotoAbout the Author: Jeffery Combs is the President and Founder of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. He is an internationally recognized speaker, author and success coach.

Jeffery has appeared on TLC’s The Balancing Act and speaks 40 plus times a year across the U.S. He has personally consulted with over 6,000 clients and has devoted over 60,000 hours coaching since 1998, and is highly sought after by rising business leaders and people seeking to create their own intellectual property.

Jeffery is the author of the highly inspiring books The Procrastination Cure: 7 Steps To Stop Putting Life Off and The Anger Factor as well as over 20 other motivational and personal development products. Jeffery’s books, audio and digital training programs benefit entrepreneurs at all levels of conscious development.

He is committed to assisting people to change the way they feel in order to achieve their goals and dreams!

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